Natural light, inviting dark timber, metalwork and floor-to-ceiling glass doors maximise Cafe Sydney's breathtaking views of Sydney harbour. Interior design by Hong Kong based John Morford complements the heritage of Customs House.

Recycled black butt timber flooring has been sourced from other demolished historical buildings in Sydney, and artist Angus McDonald's specially commissioned paintings of the Harbour Bridge adorn the main restaurant.

In addition to the original interior, Hassell Architects have artfully integrated the contemporary and classic with the Lounge, refurbished in late 2014.

The Lounge complements and invigorates the restaurant perfectly, offering the ultimate relaxed experience with a minimal edge. A large dramatic mirror wall is a significant feature and as evening approaches the expansive mirror transforms into a shimmering art wall of colour and shape. The dynamic installation, created by light artist Canadian born Bruce Ramus especially for Cafe Sydney, follows on his from work with the likes of REM, U2, David Bowie and Vivid.

“Light is the energy felt in the body and that experience connects us all”, says Bruce Ramus..